Hello everyone! King Cobra MMA would like to let everyone know that we understand that not everyone is comfortable with coming back to the gym at this time. This is why we have made training completely optional and placed all account on hold until further notice. At this time we have eliminated Jiu Jitsu from our curriculum to avoid close contact. If you would like to get started we are offering classes Monday through Thursday to students on a cash only basis. Prices are available on our program tab. At this time we are unable to let any student borrow equipment and require all students to purchase their own.

Required Equipment

16oz gloves (adult)

10oz gloves (KIDS ONLY)

shin guards

mouth guard

Muay Thai shorts

Classes are valid for 30 days and there is no make up classes. Classes are to be scheduled in advance to give you the best experience possible and to make sure we do not exceed capacity. Parents are welcome to stay but must view the class from outside. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via text or call (562) 441-8032. You may also DM us @kingcobramma on Instagram. Please be advised that all registration must be done by appointment only. Thank You